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Centre D Excellence en Technologies de l Information et de la Communication ASBL (CETIC) As an applied research centre in the field of ICT, CETIC’s mission is to support economic development by transferring the results of the most innovative research in ICT to companies, particularly SMEs. CETIC develops its expertise in key technologies, including Big Data, Cloud Computing, the Internet of Things, software quality, and trust and security of IT systems. These innovations are applied in domains of primary importance to society, such as health, smart mobility, energy and industry. The System and Service Technologies will bring in their expertise in Big Data programming frameworks data storage methods and tools (NoSQL approaches), algorithms adaptation to Big Data constraints, and process mining in the scope of Big Data. The know-how of the Department on IT systems will also help in test and evaluation of outcomes of the project.

CETIC has relevant experience in the European research area; as well in H2020 (coordinator of Beacon, member in PaaSage) as in RFCS (I2MSteel) or national projects (INOGRAMS, NWERIDE, EAM-SDI) with relation to the topics processed in NewTech4Steel. Research interests and expertise of CETIC's involved staff cover the areas of software, service and security engineering, distributed systems such as Grids and Service oriented infrastructures, software & service & security engineering, design and development of software and methodologies for dematerialisation and structuring of large amounts of statistical data.