The constantly growing requirements to European steel production concerning product quality and process efficiency are accompanied by massive increases of data and information collection at the processes and about the products.

So, there is the possibility, but also the need for new methods to observe and control production processes and to determine and to forecast the properties of intermediate and final products. These new technologies have to exploit comprehensively those huge information sources collected at the steel plants.

This project will focus on dedicated use cases in steel industry, which are related to actual problems and tasks in modern steel production.

The consortium will develop and implement methodologies, which will meet the requirements of examined steel processes on the one hand, but also exploit all technological and scientific possibilities offered by latest technologies concerning data handling and data analysis on the other hand.

To reflect the variety in steel production, the selected industrial use cases cover different processing routes and various final products like flat steel, tube and wire production. Thereby the project findings will be applied and tested under industrial conditions to adjust them to the needs of the European steel industry. The participating non-steel partners like research organisations and suppliers for steel industry guarantee the exploitation of latest available methodologies and technologies.

The final aims of this proposed project are

- the developed and applied methods for an improved process observation and  control as well as extended tools to assess and forecast (intermediate) product quality as examples for the successful application of new technologies,,

- to provide evidence of the applicability and efficiency of such methods, and

- to make proposals and uncover possibilities of developed new methods outside the investigated use cases to state their benefits for the complete European steel sector.